The further developed block

The Liapor Super-K-Plus is the result of the authentic and consequent further development of an approved block concept.
The Liapor Super-K has been applied successfully in lots of construction areas for a long time already. Based on the Liapor Super-K, Liapor now developed the Liapor Super-K-Plus, which disposes of even better values of thermal insulation.
Pleasant indoor climate at any season
The newly developed Liapor Super-K-Plus incorporates the experiences of decades, during which Liapor Blocks, being pure mineral solutions, effected the highest thermal and sound protection for the single-wall construction – without additional, cost-intensive thermal insulation. If Liapor Expanded Clay Spheres and cement conjoin, the inner structure of the block is responsible for perfect values of thermal insulation. Considering the Liapor Super-K-Plus, very small, displaced and air-filled aligned cavities prevent the air from circulating. Resulting from these conditions, the Liapor Super-K-Plus achieves an excellent, low thermal conductivity of λ = 0.11 W/(m K). Due to its high storage capacity, the massive block provides an even-tempered housing climate at any season.
A place of silence
The rather small aligned cavities of the Liapor Super-K-Plus do not only reduce the transport of heat, but furthermore complicate the spread of sound. Thus, a wall made of Liapor is able to insulate traffic noise as well as sounds from neighbouring flats perfectly. Plenty of building materials insulate either coldness or noise. Liapor Wall Blocks like e. g. the Liapor Super-K-Plus are different. Besides excellent thermal protection, they furthermore include superb sound protection. This way, they protect the inhabitants' health from the negative consequences of noise and at the same time they give rise to more housing quality.
Advantages in economy and ecology
In both sectors economy and ecology the Liapor solid construction is convincing likewise. Advantages like e. g. the profitability, long lasting value and fire protection, but also the easy and rational way of processing are characteristic. The Liapor Super-K-Plus is in possession of an exact dimensional accuracy and thus enables regular joints. Featuring low water absorption, it is qualified as an excellent ground for plaster.
Low consumption of mortar
Every Liapor Block is closed at five sides and is walled with the aligned cavities facing downward. Thus, one prevents firstly that mortar falls into the block and secondly that the thermal properties of the block deteriorate. The tongue and groove design of the butt joints, that additionally assures an economic method of production, also contributes to the low usage of mortar. Like all other Liapor Blocks, the Liapor Super-K-Plus can be worked easily. Nails and dowels can be kept grounded without any difficulties.